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Fri Apr 2 05:24:13 UTC 2010

On Thu, 01 Apr 2010 15:16:59 -0700
Doug Barton <dougb at> mentioned:

> Of course this change will have some costs. Users of named who rely on
> the current defaults will have some change management to deal with,
> however the costs will be minimal. The one area that has come up
> repeatedly in previous discussions about this topic is that users like
> having access to the command line tools dig, host, and nslookup. To deal
> with that issue I will be creating a bind-tools port so that those who
> want just those tools can easily add them, without the overhead of the
> rest of the BIND suite. If anyone has suggestions for other BIND tools
> that should be included in the port, please let me know.

Hey, Doug!

While it certainly might make sense to drop BIND out of the base, I'm not
sure dropping bind tools as well from it is the best decision.  How hard
it will be to continue maintaining bind tools inside the base (so the 
critical ones like dig and nslookup still will be available), while moving
the rest of it (the server itself and supporting tools) to the port?

Stanislav Sedov
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