[STATUS]: clang/llvm support on FreeBSD

Roman Divacky rdivacky at freebsd.org
Thu Sep 24 19:24:39 UTC 2009


The clang at freebsd team presents the status of clang/llvm being
able to compile FreeBSD system. The situation as of today
(Sep 24th) is:

	i386 - kernel boots, world needs little hacks but works

	amd64 - kernel compiles but does not boot, world needs
		little hacks

	ppc - broken because of unknown RTLD bug

	other - unknown

all other platforms are untested. Ie. this is a regression from the
situation in early spring when we could boot amd64 as well...

A lot has happened over the spring/summer - amd64 got proper mcmodel=kernel
support, compiler-rt was introduced (paving the way for libgcc replacement),
we ran two experimental ports build to see how clang does there, C++ support
is able to parse devd.cc without warnings, we got kernel working with -O2,
we promoted FreeBSD to be officially supported plaform in LLVM etc. etc.

We have problems though: we don't have manpower for testing (thats why amd64
kernel stopped booting) and developers for integrating stuff into FreeBSD
(maintaining ports etc.). So if you are interested in helping please contact
me or join us on IRC in #freebsd-clang on irc.oftc.net. We especially need
amd64 testers (because of the amd64 kernel bug) and people with minor platforms
like arm/mips/sparc to see how clang/llvm performs there and improve that

Thank you for helping us make FreeBSD better...

Roman Divacky (on behalf the whole clang at freebsd team)
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