vesa(4) and amd64

b. f. bf1783 at
Fri Sep 18 16:39:25 UTC 2009

On 9/12/09, Xin LI <delphij at> wrote:

> b. f. wrote:
>> After the recent x86emu/vesa/dpms commits, I'm now able to use some
>> more graphics modes with syscons on amd64. That's good.  Not so good
>> is the fact that my HP Pavilion desktop running 9-CURRENT i386 r197085
>> with
>> devic sc
>> options SC_PIXEL_MODE
>> device vga
>> options VGA_WIDTH90
>> in the kernel and agp, dpms, x86emu, and vesa loaded as kernel modules
>> can no longer use the 132x60 mode that had been my default syscons
>> mode, and now yields a blank screen.  Even worse is the fact that my
>> Toshiba laptop, with nearly the same configuration, locks up with a
>> screen full of zeroes every time I load the new vesa kernel module,
>> when formerly it had no such problem.  Other than simplifying the
>> organization of the code, is there any advantage to be gained from
>> forcing those platforms that are capable of native vesa to use x86emu?
>>  Because up to this point there are serious disadvantages to doing so.
> I think it was caused by some unrelated change.  ddkprog@ has proposed a
> change, here is a slightly modified one, could you please give it a try?
>  I'll try to see if I can have some clue myself tonight.

With your suggested change on 9-CURRENT i386 r197299, my desktop can
now use the 132x60 mode, and some other modes that were causing
problems after the x86emu introduction.  Also, mode-switching no
longer forces a reboot.  There remain some problems with vesa/dpms
when attempting to wake up from a sleep state, but these may be acpi
or hardware problems.  However, with 9-CURRENT i386 r197295 and your
patch,  my laptop still hangs after displaying the VESA information
block when attempting to load the vesa kernel module.


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