ZFS Crash

Larry Rosenman ler at lerctr.org
Sat May 30 12:19:43 UTC 2009

On Fri, 29 May 2009, Kip Macy wrote:

>> Is there anything else I can supply?  Is the minute-by-minute
>> vmstat info useful?  Should I keep running it?
> Not until I can test out changes that bound ZFS memory consumption
> when doing compression.
>> I'm willing to be a guinea pig for code changes.
> Cool. I'll send you a patch when I get something.
I had a 2nd crash.  I've added the textdump and crashstats files to

This was also with a full backup.   The backtrace that was on the screen is in the textdump
so I didn't bother to get the picture.

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