USB (internally fixed) card reader questions

Harald Schmalzbauer h.schmalzbauer at
Sat May 30 09:41:52 UTC 2009

Hans Petter Selasky schrieb am 30.05.2009 11:40 (localtime):
> On Saturday 30 May 2009, Harald Schmalzbauer wrote:

> Have you tried:
> camcontrol rescan all

Yes, but also couldn't write to da0.

> Maybe you need to add a quirk to umass.c:

If I boot with a card inserted I can use it (not woth hal, but manually 
mounting)! I think the quirks are only needed if the card reader doesn't 
work, right?
Also usbconfig reset works if I insert the card after booting.
But I don't know how the things *should* work by intention. I don't 
think usbconfig reset was planned to be used.
Should pluging in a USB work together with hal, or is it work in progress?



> sys/dev/usb/storage/umass.c
> Example:
>         { vendor_id_here, product_id_here, RID_WILDCARD,
>                 UMASS_PROTO_DEFAULT,
>                 NO_TEST_UNIT_READY
>         },
> See also previous posts from Luigi Rizzo about modding the umass.ko directly.

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