Profile rc idea

Nathan Lay nslay at
Thu May 28 22:56:00 UTC 2009

Hi list,
Wasn't sure which list this idea belongs, so I sent it here.  It would 
be interesting if rc was extended to support profiles.  Each profile 
would reflect a different system configuration.  For example profiles 
could describe the computing environment at: home, work, friend's house, 
airplane, etc... The active profile the system uses could be chosen 
based on some contingency condition.  For example, simply prompting the 
user to choose an rc profile at boot, or using hardware to choose the 
profile (e.g. like location based contingency using GPS hardware), or 
whatever...  I guess this only pertains to booting though, but rc seems 
like a natural place to do this.  Thoughts, comments?  Yet another idea 
I have no time to try...

Best Regards,
Nathan Lay

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