ACPI Panic on Current, AMD64

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Thu May 28 14:58:05 UTC 2009

This problem sounds familiar. In ACPICA, we found an issue where the _CRS returns an extended IRQ descriptor, but it gets optimized to an IRQNoFlags descriptor before the template is sent to _SRS. This causes problems on some machines. We fixed this and actually made a clarification to the ACPI specification that the _SRS template buffer must contain identical descriptors as returned from the _CRS template. This change was made in ACPICA version 20080213. BZ 9487 is the Linux sighting.

13 February 2008. Summary of changes for version 20080213:

Fixed a problem where resource descriptor size optimization could cause a 
problem when a _CRS resource template is passed to a _SRS method. The _SRS 
resource template must use the same descriptors (with the same size) as 
returned from _CRS. This change affects the following resource descriptors: 
IRQ / IRQNoFlags and StartDependendentFn / StartDependentFnNoPri. (BZ 9487)

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>> Hello guys,
>> I'm not sure if I made this clear, but the board boots with 7.2-
>> Stable. Have there been lots of ACPI changes between 7.2 and 8.0 that
>> might have caused this regression?
>No, and the ACPI pci_link code has in fact not changed since 7.0 aside from
>few minor fixes for suspend/resume that do not affect boot (and those were
>merged into 7.1).  I do wonder if perhaps there have been any changes in
>ACPI-CA code.  Hmm, ACPI-CA is identical in the two versions.  All of the
>resource code is identical as well.
>John Baldwin
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