panic: igmp_v3_dispatch_general_query: called when version 2

deeptech71 at deeptech71 at
Thu May 28 17:22:10 UTC 2009

Bruce Simpson wrote:
> Are you running a multicast router of any kind on your network?

I have no idea what IGMP/multicast is, and have no router whatsoever.

> If so, please give full network configuration details of the system you
> are running FreeBSD 8.0 on, and describe your network topology to help
> me figure out where the problem might be.

Well... I'm using FreeBSD-current as a desktop system for gaming and
C/C++ development. The system is receiving a DHCP address (not a
reserved one like 10.x.x.x) in a university's local network with lots of
computers mostly tossing around Windows NetBIOS packets. If that matters.

At the time of the lockup I was just running basic GENERIC r191232 (with
rnoland's drm patch at,
and was in KDE4.2 playing a 3D game with an IRC client running in the

Sounds like that is all useless, so I'd send the vmcore. Who wants it?

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