ZFS Crash with latest current from May 26

Thomas Vogt freebsdlists at bsdunix.ch
Thu May 28 10:18:04 UTC 2009

Hi Thomas

Am 28.05.2009 um 09:40 schrieb Thomas Backman:
> On May 27, 2009, at 11:39 PM, Thomas Vogt wrote:
>> Hi
>> I updated today to latest current (from a current system late  
>> april). Now, the system is very unstable.
>> b> bt
>> Tracing pid 5142 tid 100159 td 0xffffff0032172720
>> bcopy() at bcopy+0x16
>> dnode_set_blksz() at dnode_set_blksz+0x2ae
>> dmu_object_set_blocksize() at dmu_object_set_blocksize+0x4c
>> zfs_grow_blocksize() at zfs_grow_blocksize+0x45
>> zfs_freebsd_write() at zfs_freebsd_write+0x9e6
>> vn_write() at vn_write+0x221
>> dofilewrite() at dofilewrite+0x85
>> kern_writev() at kern_writev+0x60
>> write() at write+0x54
>> syscall() at syscall+0x1bf
>> Xfast_syscall() at Xfast_syscall+0xd0
>> --- syscall (4, FreeBSD ELF64, write), rip = 0x80073616c, rsp =  
>> 0x7fffffffe068, rbp = 0x7fffff
> This looks like the panic I've been getting when I don't set my  
> arc_max really, really low (about 30M on a 1GB RAM system). Since  
> then, no more crashes.

arc_max and arc_min was enabled a few hours ago. But after a few  
crashes i started to try some "new" options, to see if it helps.  
Wihtout any luck.


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