ZFS Crash with latest current from May 26

Florian Smeets flo at kasimir.com
Thu May 28 08:07:44 UTC 2009

On 28.05.09 09:50, Kip Macy wrote:
> Do you have compression enabled? What types of disks do you have?
> -Kip

I'm also seeing this crash. zpool is one big SATA disk. Compression is 
turned off. This is amd64 with 1GB RAM. Everything except for / is on zfs.

This is very easy to reproduce at least on my system. So if you want me 
to run any commands from the debugger, please let me know.

Oh and BTW thanks for all your recent work on ZFS :-)


>> b>  bt
>> Tracing pid 5142 tid 100159 td 0xffffff0032172720
>> bcopy() at bcopy+0x16
>> dnode_set_blksz() at dnode_set_blksz+0x2ae
>> dmu_object_set_blocksize() at dmu_object_set_blocksize+0x4c
>> zfs_grow_blocksize() at zfs_grow_blocksize+0x45
>> zfs_freebsd_write() at zfs_freebsd_write+0x9e6
>> vn_write() at vn_write+0x221
>> dofilewrite() at dofilewrite+0x85
>> kern_writev() at kern_writev+0x60
>> write() at write+0x54
>> syscall() at syscall+0x1bf
>> Xfast_syscall() at Xfast_syscall+0xd0
>> --- syscall (4, FreeBSD ELF64, write), rip = 0x80073616c, rsp =
>> 0x7fffffffe068, rbp = 0x7fffff

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