[Call For Testing] VirtualBox for FreeBSD! take 4

Vladimir Grebenschikov vova at fbsd.ru
Wed May 27 14:50:26 UTC 2009

Hi Martin

Many thanks again !

One more question, what about USB support ? 
Is it possible to pass host usb devices inside VM ?
I have such option in machine menu but it is always empty.

$ usbconfig
ugen0.1: <UHCI root HUB Intel> at usbus0, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=FULL (12Mbps) pwr=ON
ugen1.1: <UHCI root HUB Intel> at usbus1, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=FULL (12Mbps) pwr=ON
ugen2.1: <UHCI root HUB Intel> at usbus2, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=FULL (12Mbps) pwr=ON
ugen3.1: <UHCI root HUB Intel> at usbus3, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=FULL (12Mbps) pwr=ON
ugen4.1: <EHCI root HUB Intel> at usbus4, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=HIGH (480Mbps) pwr=ON
ugen4.2: <product 0x4486 IBM> at usbus4, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=HIGH (480Mbps) pwr=SAVE
ugen4.3: <Microsoft 5-Button Mouse with IntelliEye(TM) Microsoft> at usbus4, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=LOW (1.5Mbps) pwr=ON
ugen3.2: <BCM2045B Broadcom Corp> at usbus3, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=FULL (12Mbps) pwr=ON
ugen3.3: <Biometric Coprocessor STMicroelectronics> at usbus3, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=FULL (12Mbps) pwr=ON

As minimum ugen3.3 have no driver attached.

Also I have RW permissions to access /dev/usb* devices.

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First of all sorry for all unanswered mails, I got a stupid flu,
but now i feel better... ok now back to vbox, time for a new call
for testing :-)

Following was added/fixed:

- - ACPI Support was added
- - hostDVD support was added
- - Fix startup on HEAD
- - Plist problem under AMD64 was fixed
- - Qt4 Frontend is now Optional
- - Desktop file was added
- - Xorg dependencies was fixed
- - Guest additions was added (thx to Maho NAKATA <chat95 (at) mac dot com>)

Open task:
 We have got 2 patches for nls support and the request
 to make dbus and pulseaudio optional. These both will
 be added with the next run. 

 We'd like to say many many thanks for all your feedback.


Happy Testing :-)

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