CFT: ee 1.5.0

Gabor Kovesdan gabor at
Tue May 26 22:22:00 UTC 2009

Ed Schouten escribió:
> Hi all,
> Some days ago Bruce Cran and I were talking on IRC about the ancient
> version of ee(1) we have in the tree. Today I spent some time moving
> ee(1) to contrib/ee with proper mergeinfo in place, to make it easier to
> upgrade it.
> It turns out all local modifications we have to ee(1) right now (line
> numbers, mktemp, etc) have been implemented upstream as well, in most
> cases even better. So I've decided to switch to an almost clean copy of
> ee(1).
Thanks a lot for taking care of ee! I've been using it for a long time 
and I think it's a nice editor and its greatest advantage is that it's 
in the base system. Btw, I have a Hungarian catalog for ee, I'll review 
that one after your update.

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