gjournal locks up

Marat N.Afanasyev amarat at ksu.ru
Mon May 25 11:47:23 UTC 2009

Ivan Voras wrote:
> David N wrote:
>> 2009/5/25 Ivan Voras <ivoras at freebsd.org>:
>>> David N wrote:
>>>> The first time it locked up was when i was copying
>>>> cp -va
>>>> from one disk (degraded mirrror) to the other disk (degraded mirror +
>>>> gjournal). Copied around 40GB until it locked up. It did it 3 times
>>>> before i manage to copy everything over. Re-syncing of the mirror
>>>> works fine.
>>>> Should i use
>>>> options KDB
>>>> options DDB
>>>> options INVARIANTS
>>>> options WITNESS
>>>> options DIAGNOSTIC
>>>> ?
>>> You can leave DIAGNOSTIC out.
>>> I'd still like you to post process' states (wchan) - in your case, of
>>> the "cp" process.
>> How would i go about doing that?
>> Sorry, I'm new to debugging FreeBSD, been using for a long time though.
> You can see them in "top" or you can do "ps axul".
usually when disc subsystem locks no program can be launched neither 
top, nor ps ;) i'd rather use ^T while cp hang

SY, Marat
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