gjournal locks up

David N davidn04 at gmail.com
Mon May 25 08:09:00 UTC 2009


I've got gjournal on two computers running 7.2-RELEASE (AMD64 and
i386) both with SATA-I. (150)

GPT + GMirror + GJournal

I've had it soft lock, locking up with no HDD activity. And can't do
anything, except a hard reset. on both machines.

Box1 (i386) removed a slow HDD and replaced with a faster one, that
stopped the locking.
Box2 (AMD64) just happened today whilst test installing zimbra
(Importing MySQL tables).

Both have 2GB Journals on /usr and 1GB on /var

Has there been any stability patches for GJournal that I can test out?
or has there been any commited lately?

Or even some tuning that could be done?

If you like i can install a DEBUG Kernel and try to lock it again.
(Usually heavy disk activity should do it).

David N

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