Default Xen PVM console?

Scott Long scottl at
Sun May 24 04:20:46 UTC 2009

Adrian Chadd wrote:
> G'day,
> I'd like to twiddle the Xen console stuff a little bit to make it
> easier to bootstrap a PVM.
> There's a couple of options I can think of:
> * Patch /etc/ttys to have a default "xc0" Xen console, but disabled
> (which makes it trivial for users / scripts to disable the syscons
> console and enable the xc console);
> * Modify the xenconsole driver to attach to ttyv0 (via a kernel
> environment variable) so /etc/ttys doesn't need modifying (but this
> may confuse tools that assumes /dev/ttyvX == syscons.)
> Opinions? I'd like to sneak in one of these before the release process
> begins for 8.0.
> Thanks,

Treat xen as a new platform and have a src/etc/etc.xen directory that 
holds the xen-specific ttys files, along with similar things that it'll
likely need.


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