Alex Keda admin at lissyara.su
Thu May 21 21:57:05 UTC 2009

Alex Keda пишет:
> I try install FreBSD; boot from USB hard drive on HP 2133 (laptop)
> Boot not success:
> agp0: <VIA 3364 (P4M900) host to PCI bridge> on host0
> agp0: aperture size is 128M
> NMI ISA 2c, EISA ff
> NMI ... going to debugger
> [thread pid0 tid 100000 ]
> Stopped at pmap_remove+0x158: testl %eax,%eax
> db>
> If I do not unplug hard drive - reboot with 2-3 seconds
> If unplug - not reboot, but, 'db>' go to down - kind of press enter
> (~10-20 seconds period)
> System - i386, GENERIC, from yesterday sources
I found reason (build more than 50 kernels for it - get very long time =))
without kernel options
all build and work fine for CURRENT sources.
It not hardware bug. It FreeBSD bug.

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