Update of tzcode from 2004a to 2009e

Edwin Groothuis edwin at freebsd.org
Thu May 21 21:06:25 UTC 2009

Please be informed that I will commit an update to the tzcode related
code (zic, zdump, stdtime of libc) in the coming days. Last year[1]
I announced it on -arch that I had it running and that everything
went fine.  Recently I updated it to 2009e and asked around for
help to get it commited. So today I got approval of all parties
involved to go forward.

The code for head and the code for releng-7 is very similar and
right now the plans are to MFC it in a month time.

And as Peter Jeremy hinted, after the commit I will go on holiday
for seven weeks without having any internet connection. If it breaks
something please fix it for me. <<<<--- joke :-)


1. http://www.mavetju.org/mail/view_message.php?list=freebsd-arch&id=2814457&thread=no

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