Kernel panic when reboot on server with a Promise SX4000 and two ATA disks RAID1.

Magnus Kling klingfon at
Mon May 18 20:31:59 UTC 2009

2009/5/18 Magnus Kling <klingfon at>

> 2009/5/18 Alexander Motin <mav at>
> Hi.
>> Magnus Kling wrote:
>>> After having some trouble with ACPI kernel in 7.1, regarding booting with
>>> a Promise SX4000 card in a RAID1 setup, I tried to upgrade to CURRENT to
>>> test the bits that John Baldwin wrote and had commited to head.
>>>  Result:
>>> Well, it boots ok but on reboot I get a kernel panic after the disks have
>>> made the sync.
>>>  Attached is a bt and panic message.
>> According to backtrace, system tried to reference address 0xc while
>> sending final flush command to the drive. ATA has no other shutdown actions
>> except this, so any contexts and states should not be lost in any case. And
>> as soon as your drive was detected, the controller is probably operable.
>> Haven't you seen any other ATA error messages during boot or later?
>> If my i386 kernel is more or less coherent to your's,
>> ata_promise_sx4_command+0x39 address where it have crashed means
>>        caddr_t window = rman_get_virtual(ctlr->r_res1);
>> line, and especially 'ctlr->r_res1' part. So looks like
>>        struct ata_pci_controller *ctlr = device_get_softc(gparent);
>> returned NULL there. But the same technique used by many other ATA drivers
>> without problems, so I am a bit surprised.
>> Is the problem continuously repeatable? Does the controller operates well
>> all other time before shutdown? Are you sure that you have rebuilt your
>> kernel correctly?
>> --
>> Alexander Motin
> Yes it is repeatable. Happens every reboot or shutdown. Controller works ok
> all other time. (I have my homedir mounted to the raidarray.)
> The source was synced and then I did a normal:
> make buildworld
> make buildkernel
> make installkernel
> reboot to singel user mode and mergemaster -p + make installworld +
> mergemaster then reboot.
> I will try to compile it again...
> /Magnus

Compiled once again. No change. The kernel panics.

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