Andrew Thompson thompsa at
Mon May 18 16:41:00 UTC 2009


I used gpart for the first time today and a few things came to mind.

- The -s option doesnt take a humanised size, such as 256M

- In a lot of cases the offset can be handled, ie

         34  126090653  ad3  GPT  (60G)
         34          6       - free -  (3.0K)
         40     409600    1  efi  (200M)
     409640   41943040    2  freebsd-zfs  (20G)
   42352680   83738007       - free -  (40G)

  If I was to do 'gpart add -s 10G -t freebsd-ufs ad3' then I would
  expect the utility to search for 20971520 free sectors and place the
  new partition at offset 42352680 automagically.

- I cant see how to use wildcard to take all the remaining space. This
  would make scripting much easier as it wouldnt need to grok the
  geometry first.

  gpart create -s GPT ad3 
  gpart add -s 256M -t freebsd-ufs ad3
  gpart add -s 2G -t freebsd-swap ad3
  gpart add -s max -t freebsd-ufs ad3


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