Launching a CURSES based application on bootup and before getty launches

Scott Ullrich sullrich at
Sun May 17 01:47:51 UTC 2009


I am trying to launch a CURSES based program (BSDInstaller FrontEND
prior to full system bootup.

After launching the curses based program everything on the console
seems to block.   If I press CTRL-D then I see the curses based screen
appear but the console is still blocked (does not accept keyboard

Anyone have any pointers or suggestions?  The ISO is available here if
someone wants to give it a spin:

The idea is being able to launch a recovery console (BSDInstaller
option) to rescue config.xml from a failed hard disk and allow the
system to use the newer config.xml on bootup in a LiveCD environment.

Appreciate any help, comments, questions, etc.

Thanks all,


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