zfs send -R segfault, anyone else?

Thomas Backman serenity at exscape.org
Fri May 15 09:31:32 UTC 2009

On May 15, 2009, at 12:28 AM, James R. Van Artsdalen wrote:

> Thomas Backman wrote:
>> [root at chaos ~]# zfs send -R -I $OLD tank@$NOW > diff-snap
>> [root at chaos ~]# cat diff-snap | zfs recv -Fvd slave
>> Segmentation fault: 11 (core dumped)
>> Same kinda backtrace, but what's up with strcmp()?
>> I suppose the issue stems from libzfs, and is not within libc:
> Different problem  The SIGSEGV is happening in strcmp because it is
> called with strcmp(0,0)
> and tries to dereference address -4 (probably another bug itself).
> This hack gets around the issue but someone familiar with this needs  
> to
> decide the correct action.
> The first change is actually unrelated (a sorry attempt at fixing the
> previous zfs send bug).
> The last change may be unnecessary as that case may never happen  
> unless
> the pool can be renamed?
> [... patch ...]

Thanks! This list is pretty impressive. :)
I can't validate how correct the fix is, considering my lacking  
knowledge in C (I know the basics, but kernel/related programming? no  
way!), but I CAN say that it appears to work just fine!


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