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Saifi Khan wrote:
> Hi:
> just tried out Scala 2.8.0 svn r17711 revision with Diablo Java
> HotSpot(TM) Client VM 1.6.0_07 and it works awesome on the
> FreeBSD 8.0 200905 i386 snapshot.
> However, while running the 'ant test', i noticed that java 
> tops out at 274MB heap size with 31 threads (falls to 29 threads 
> after approx 5min and stays there) .
> Interestingly, the state in 'top' is shown as 'ucond'.
> Is this pthread_cond_wait_ or something, where the VM thread is
> deadlocked ?
> Any work around to this issue ?
> I also noticed that the recent ports checkin is Scala 2.7.3
> May be, Scala 2.7.4 can be fast tracked to the ports.
> Can somebody point out to a template for the ports directory
> tree layout ? Is there a location to place bleeding edge ports?
> thanks
> Saifi.

Hi Saifi,

Coincidentally, I have been working on the Scala port PR today, and I
also saw that it has been updated to 2.7.4.  I modified the PR patch to
upgrade to that version.

I'm in the process of testing out the port on the various platform and
OS version combinations.  I expect to commit it to the tree in the next
few days.

If there are any FreeBSD-specific patches that should be added to the
port to fix the problem that you noted above, please send them to me.
I'm no expert on OS internals, so I'll leave your question to the good
folks on the -current mailing list.

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