Fighting for the power. [syslogd]

Sam Leffler sam at
Mon May 11 20:13:38 UTC 2009

Chuck Swiger wrote:
> Hi--
> On May 5, 2009, at 9:17 AM, Sam Leffler wrote:
>> Regarding syslogd, I've considered adding support to batch/buffer 
>> writes to workaround a problem that I consider rather important: 
>> syslogd is not started early enough in the boot so it's not available 
>> to log msgs from other applications.  In particular I hit this 
>> because wpa_supplicant logs via syslog but when it's started at boot 
>> syslogd isn't available and since wpa_supplicant operates in a 
>> chroot'd environment it cannot defer connecting until syslogd has 
>> started up so nothing is ever logged.
>> [ ... ]
> You can use -l flag to syslogd to create additional logging sockets 
> under your chroot'ed filesystem tree, similar to the way named & ntpd 
> uses it; see syslogd_precmd() in /etc/rc.d/syslogd....
> Regards,

Blech, thanks.  That might be a stopgap solution but it still doesn't 
allow syslogd to be started earlier which is what is needed for 
many/most setups.  syslogd has mountcritremote as REQUIRE to handle 
diskless setups but IMO this should be (at least) configurable.  But 
rather than argue this nonsense I think the better solution is to do 
what I suggest so syslogd can be started very early and capture 
everything available (e.g. your suggestion still loses msgs logged while 
setting up nfs mounts).


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