howto sidestep sysinstall during installation

Saifi Khan saifi.khan at
Mon May 11 12:47:36 UTC 2009

On Mon, 11 May 2009, Vincent Hoffman wrote:

> On 11/5/09 11:48, Saifi Khan wrote:
> > Hi all:
> >
> > Is there a way to sidestep the sysinstall during the
> > installation process, beyond selecting the 'location' ?
> >
> > i'm using FreeBSD 8.0 200905 i386 snapshot DVD and looking
> > for an approach to drive the entire installation from the
> > Fixit# command line console.
> >
> > i'm a experienced Gentoo Linux user.
> >
> > Any suggestions, pointers or observations ?
> >
> >   
> Since you are using the snapshot DVD you should have the live/fixit
> environment which is very handy for this.
> I would suggest a combination of LOTS of reading and understanding of
> the pages at
> (which goes though the steps for partitoning and installing using fdisk
> and bsdlabel, adjust paths to your dvd-rom)
> and if you want zfs
> (goes though using gpart instead of fdisk and bsdlabel if you want to
> use zfs on root)
> should be enough to get you started. I assume you dont need too much
> hand holding since you want to install -CURRENT.
> Vince

Vince, thanks for the freebsd-on-usb link. i really appreciate
your help.

"Unknown giant"
i still wonder why a snapshot should have a dysfunctional installer ?

stable slice and partition support is key to trying or helping
or contributing towards testing/coding for an evolving "unknown
giant". Oh well :)

Check this out

If you scan this page for a minute, you will appreciate the
overall flow of installation of Gentoo Linux. Even if you
haven't tried the weekly Gentoo build, you may be encouraged to
try this out !

Putting out a monthly snapshot is nice and if the people are
going to not find info about 'Fixit#' and commands in the
legendary handbook, that is not very helpful.


the time has come ... 1227.

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