Panic: wrong vnode type 0xffffff009b7719c0 on yesterday's current.

Alexander Kabaev kabaev at
Fri May 8 03:59:47 UTC 2009

> On May 6, 2009, at 6:54 PM, Richard Todd wrote:
> It looks like this KASSERT was added relatively recently as part of the
> dotdot changes to the namecache:
> Perhaps there is further fallout from the changes that only occur with ZFS?
> - Ben

Up to recently dotdot caching in VFS was quite broken and did pay any
attention to vnode types FSes did feed to it.
>From backtrace and analysis provided by original poster it is evident
that ZFS is trying to cache_enter(VDIR, "..", VLNK), which cannot
possibly make any sense. kib@ has recently committed fixes to FFS to
avoid races with vnodes being reused from under ffs_lookup, and I
would not be surprised if ZFS was broken is similar fashion.
Alexander Kabaev

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