problems with BTX loader booting -CURRENT from USB key

Matthias Apitz guru at
Wed May 6 10:50:53 UTC 2009


I've just got a new laptop Dell Precision M4400 and will install
-CURRENT on it from a prepared USB key. While booting from the USB the
BTX loader (1.00, BTX version 1.02) brings up as usual the menu with the
numbers 1-6 for the boot form and counts down the time; until here total
normal; but:

- when you let it count to zero it tries to start the kernel and only
  one char of the rotating -/|\ is printed, nothing more happens;
- when you just press any of the numbers it gives the same result;

- when you press SPACE to stop the countdown and then any number it
  boots fine;

any idea what is wrong of what could I check for more information?
Thanks in advance

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