kernel compile fails without AH_SUPPORT_AR5416

Bruce Simpson bms at
Fri May 1 16:51:31 UTC 2009

Sam Leffler wrote:
> ...
>>>> the "ath_hal" device.
>> Do not modify ah_desc.h like you've done.  Add this to conf/options
>> ATH_HAL   opt_ah.h
>> and use that to enable AH_SUPPORT_AR5416.
> To clarify the first comment: you've made it impossible to build code 
> w/o the extended format descriptor; this is what I find unacceptable.

Ah, of course, duh -- I forgot about the CaPiTalIzAtion of the device 
name gets pulled into config(5) with the 'device' keyword. Thanks for 
the reminder...

This is a much cleaner fix for the issue than forcing the option to be 
set on always. It looks like HEAD has this issue too and this can go 
right in there.

Are we happy with AH_SUPPORT_AR5416 being enabled in 7.x GENERIC?
The 'out of box' config hasn't been broken by the change and this is 
identical to to the situation in HEAD as far as I can see.


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