[ANNOUNCE] FreeBSD with clang/llvm status update

Pawel Worach pawel.worach at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 11:26:42 PST 2009


Here is quick update on our quick progress with getting the
system functional.

Kernel now works with -O2, LINT compiles. We ran some libmicro
syscall benchmarks and the results are not too bad, some of them
are inconclusive for unknown reasons.


Most of userland builds with a few exceptions of GCCism and
non-standard code. buildworld runs to completion with the
problem areas disabled. It's not usable yet due to a blocking
issue which makes rtld broken (the runtime linker, static
binaries of course work but are no fun).

So install the devel/llvm-devel port and buildkernel with
CC=ccc to give it a shot! Feedback of any kind is very


Pawel Worach, Roman Divacky, Ed Schouten and Diane Bruce.

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