[ANNOUNCE]: clang/llvm can compile booting FreeBSD kernel on i386/amd64

Roman Divacky rdivacky at freebsd.org
Wed Feb 25 13:48:22 PST 2009


Clang is a new frontend for C-like languages for LLVM. It's modern, BSD
licensed compiler that produces roughly the same code quality or better
as GCC. It's still in its development phase but quite mature. It includes
static analyzer as well.

And yes, it can compile FreeBSD kernel that actually boots and works. Not
as stable as GCC yet but the Clang team is working on that. The userland
needs some more work but a lot works already.

You can try yourself, the details are described here:


basically you just install devel/llvm-devel port, compile the kernel with -O1
and boot. Don't forget to try out the static analysis.

We'd like to encourage you to try this out and test stuff. We can't test
everything. In a case of problems (there sure will be) please contact me or

thank you!

your clang at freebsd team

Roman Divacky, Pawel Worach and Brooks Davis
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