HEADSUP usb2/usb4bsd to become default in GENERIC

Alfred Perlstein alfred at freebsd.org
Thu Feb 5 20:53:50 PST 2009

Hello -current and -usb.

We are in the final stages of bringing in the new usb

Features include: SMP, better device support, speed increases.

We hope to make it in for 8.0.  It will really take a unified effort
to make this all work and I look forward to all contributors input.

We have a few large steps ahead of us and I wanted to lay out the
schedule so that people understand what is coming and what to expect.

At this point we expect there to be no style or changes in usb2
that are not bugfixes until Phase 3 "Hand off".  The reason for
this is to prevent bugs from creeping in and allow the maintainer
to focus 100% on bugs and feature parity with the oldusb stack.

Here is the plan and timeline:

Phase 1) Make usb2 the default, by enabling it in GENERIC.

    * Sunday 8 Feb 2009  -- Toggle the usb2 knob in GENERIC

      - Add all the usb2 options to NOTES, including commented
        documentation about recommended usb2 'sets' of options,
        and the usual NOTES-based hints about the options.

      - Update GENERIC to use usb2 device names.

      - Bump __FreeBSD_version and edit UPDATING to note usb2 is now the

      - Verify that it still possible to use the old usb code as a
        fallback, until we are ready to detach and remove it from /head

    * Sunday 22 Feb 2009 -- Go through quirks in old-usb code and port
      over any remaining bits to usb2

      - Lock the oldusb code for 2 weeks, until the next usb2
        checkpoint, to verify usb2 is a viable replacement without
        having to keep chasing a moving oldusb target.

Phase 2) Removing the oldusb code.

    * Sunday 15 Mar 2009 -- usb2 bug busting weekend

      - Go through the open usb2 problem reports, and see if there are
        any usb2 blocker bugs that need fixing.

      - If the bug hunt shows we are ready to do away with oldusb,
        unlink the old usb code from the build, but leave it in for
        a few more days.

    * Sunday 22 Mar 2009 -- remove oldusb code.

      - old usb code will be removed.

Phase 3) Hand-off.

    * Sunday 29 Mar 2009 -- usb2 hand over to src-committers

      - The switch from a private Hans-only repository to the main
        subversion tree.

      - At this point, the usb2 is handed over to the src-committers
        and Hans has to go through a mentor/committer before committing

Thank you!

- Alfred Perlstein

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