Call for tester: VirtualBox 3.1.2 for FreeBSD

Philipp Wuensche cryx-freebsd at
Mon Dec 28 17:24:29 UTC 2009

Beat Gaetzi wrote:
> Philipp Wuensche wrote:
>> Martin Wilke wrote:
>>> Please report any functionality which was working with previous versions of
>>> VirtualBox and no longer working with 3.1.2 or any build failure.
>> Seem like the fix from
>> was not incorporated?!
> This fix is also included in 3.1.2:

Interesting, I have to load the modules in the correct order, otherwise
I get this error in the VBox.log:

00:00:00.470 IntNet#0: szNetwork={HostInterfaceNetworking-em0}
enmTrunkType=3 szTrunk={em0} fFlags=0x0 cbRecv=223232 cbSend=36864
00:00:00.470 VMSetError:
int drvIntNetConstruct(PDMDRVINS*, CFGMNODE*, uint32_t)
00:00:00.470 VMSetError: Failed to open/create the internal network
00:00:00.470 PDM: Failed to construct 'pcnet'/0!
VERR_SUPDRV_COMPONENT_NOT_FOUND (-3700) - The component factory was not
00:00:01.033 VMSetError:
int VMR3Create(uint32_t, void (*)(VM*, void*, int, const char*, unsigned
int, const char*, const char*, __va_list_tag*), void*, int (*)(VM*,
void*), void*, VM**)
00:00:01.033 VMSetError: Unknown error creating VM
00:00:01.034 ERROR [COM]: aRC=NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)
aIID={6375231a-c17c-464b-92cb-ae9e128d71c3} aComponent={Console}
aText={Failed to open/create the internal network
'HostInterfaceNetworking-em0' (VERR_SUPDRV_COMPONENT_NOT_FOUND).
00:00:01.034 Unknown error creating VM
(VERR_SUPDRV_COMPONENT_NOT_FOUND)} aWarning=false, preserve=false
00:00:01.036 Power up failed (vrc=VERR_SUPDRV_COMPONENT_NOT_FOUND,
rc=NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0X80004005))


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