Call for Test and Review: bwn(4) - another Broadcom Wireless driver

Bruce Simpson bms at
Sun Dec 27 19:22:45 UTC 2009

On 26/12/2009 03:49, Weongyo Jeong wrote:
> Frankly speaking I didn't know siba(4) during I'd written ssb(4).  It's
> my bad and I think you opinion is right to go forward though siba(4)
> missed 802.11 related codes.  Before committing bwn(4) into tree I'd
> merge codes into siba(4) firstly.

I wrote some of the siba(4) stuff originally, a few years ago, when 
trying to get FreeBSD booting on the Netgear WGT824, which has a 
Broadcom BCM5365P (aka Sentry5) embedded system processor, and contains 
Sonics SiliconBackPlane for its onboard peripherals.

I had based some of it off a patch I think David Young came up with for 
NetBSD on the same beast. I got as far as getting the onboard bfe(4) to 
do NEWBUS attachment on the siba(4) bus, but because I hadn't gotten IRQ 
allocation/routing working on BCM5365P, bfe(4) didn't fully attach.

Interestingly it looked like ubsec(4) might have worked with just a few 
tweaks, for the otherwise ppoorly] [un]documented crypto hardware on the 
Sentry5 chip.

I believe other folk have taken what was there in the FreeBSD MIPS 
branch and run with it since then, so siba(4) might be closer to 
completion now.


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