JFYI: VirtualBox stable/unstable setteings (3.0.51.r22902)

Sergey Zaharchenko doublef-ctm at yandex.ru
Wed Dec 23 15:06:16 UTC 2009

Hello Daichi!

Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 02:29:33PM +0900 you wrote:

>    Driver:
>      - NVIDIA driver (x11/nvidia-driver, nvidia-driver-195.22) leads
>        FreeBSD freeze non-reproducibly. If you use both
>        NVIDIA driver and VirtualBox along with non-reproducible
>        FreeBSD freeze, use nv driver instead.

If that may be of any use to you, I had freezes with the 173.14.12
driver (old hardware) on i386 CURRENT, but they were caused by
userland/kernel/driver/Xorg being out of sync and went away as soon as I
rebuilt everything.

Best regards,

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