Systems running hot?

Michal Varga varga.michal at
Mon Dec 21 19:00:18 UTC 2009

On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 6:48 PM, Andriy Gapon <avg at> wrote:
> on 21/12/2009 19:43 Michal Varga said the following:
>> That's a really great news. While personally I plan to move that
>> Phenom box to RELENG_8 eventually, one can still assume that there are
>> (and will be) many people out there that can benefit from working
>> power management with more recent AMD systems and 7/stable, it's not
>> like 7 is going anywhere for many years to come. Big karma bonus for
>> you, if you can make it happen.
> Thanks! It's r200773 :)
> --
> Andriy Gapon

No, thank you! You made this computer a happy panda:

# kldload -v cpufreq
Loaded cpufreq, id=23
hwpstate0: <Cool`n'Quiet 2.0> on cpu0

# sysctl dev.cpu.0.
dev.cpu.0.%desc: ACPI CPU
dev.cpu.0.%driver: cpu
dev.cpu.0.%location: handle=\_PR_.C000
dev.cpu.0.%pnpinfo: _HID=none _UID=0
dev.cpu.0.%parent: acpi0
dev.cpu.0.freq: 1050
dev.cpu.0.freq_levels: 2100/30625 1050/24125
dev.cpu.0.cx_supported: C1/0
dev.cpu.0.cx_lowest: C1
dev.cpu.0.cx_usage: 100.00% last 500us
dev.cpu.0.temperature: 25.0C


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