Some notes on RootOnZFS article in wiki

Mel Flynn mel.flynn+fbsd.current at
Mon Dec 21 15:01:08 UTC 2009


yesterday went through the RootOnZFS (gpt mirror version) and here's a few 
1) You cannot use the install CD. It doesn't have a livefs and so you can 
never do the actual install in 2.2. The DVD will work and the USB image. I 
ended up using the livefs CD and the USB image, cause I didn't want to loose 
the work I already did.
2) `gpart set -a active -i 1 ad4' gave me 'active: device not configured'. 
This error isn't mentioned (debugflags didn't help) in the wiki nor the 
missing DIAGNOSTICS section in the gpart man page. In my case the system 
booted, but it's nice to know what the error means and whether you can ignore 
3) By adding the swap partitions on the two mirrored disks to /etc/fstab top 
actually shows the sum of these as available swap. My expectation is/was that 
the swap would be mirrored and thus I'd have only the size of one swap 
partition. If this isn't the case, can I get by with 1 of the two since 
they're double the intended size or should one use 2 and thus create them half 
the intended size?
4) The given mount points have sane defaults, however, I use cvs to checkout 
the ports. It would be nice to have one example where data is already in a 
directory tree and how one can promote it to a zfs filesystem with special 

Thanks to everyone contributing to this article and keeping it current, bar 
the installation media, everything was a breeze!

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