still trouble with pci.c on i386

Anton Shterenlikht mexas at
Mon Dec 21 04:33:07 UTC 2009

On Sun, Dec 20, 2009 at 08:22:42PM -0500, b. f. wrote:
> Try reverting all of the changes in:
> In particular, those to sys/dev/pci/pci_pci.c, which you don't seem to
> have reverted.  It is a bit easier to do this (with svn merge -c ...
> or the like) if you keep your sources in a local subversion
> repository, and since most of the base system developers are now using
> that VCS, it is easier to get help by referring to the subversion
> version numbers rather than the corresponding CVS version numbers.
> jkim@, jhb@, and imp@ should be able to tell you more about this
> problem.

I havent' got svn installed, usually just do 'csup current-supfile'.
Are you saying I need to update my practices?

many thanks

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