Call for help AR5416 (AR9285) to improve freebsd's standing on latest range of netbooks

Paul G Webster paul.g.webster at
Thu Dec 17 17:08:44 UTC 2009

Hey all, I have found an issue with the 'kite' AR9285 driver, infact it  
required a patch to even get the driver to hook the device, the AR9285 is  
present in the latest Asus EEEPC's and also the latest Acer Aspire ones,  
none of these networks will work with the current implementation. Im  
calling for help from anyone who would be able to lend a hand to get this  
card supported as it should be under ath_hal AR5416, I find it would be  
deeply beneficial to any user using a netbook, which is currently become  
quite a trend.

Also please note that the driver is already 'implemented' in 8.0-current  
its just tracking down what is causing one issue:

Dec 17 15:07:21 laptop3 kernel: ath_hal_wait: timeout on reg 0x9860:  
0xffffffff & 0x00000001 != 0x00000000
Dec 17 15:07:21 laptop3 kernel: first cal
Dec 17 15:07:21 laptop3 kernel: ar5416InitCal: offset calibration did not  
complete in 1ms; noisy environment?

Please send me back an email or drop me a line of IRC (  
##freebsd (nickname: daemon)) if you would like to help out

-- Thank you for your time
-- Paul G Webster
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