Small patches for pkg_add

Baptiste Daroussin baptiste.daroussin at
Tue Dec 15 18:14:40 UTC 2009

> Great!
> This looks good, but I have a few suggestions:
> You should be a little more careful about error handling.
> In particular, after any failure, archive_error_string(a)
> will hold an error message that you probably want to
> print out for the user's benefit.
> In particular, you should print the error message
> after a failure of archive_read_open_filename(),
> archive_read_extract(), or archive_read_next_header().
> You can also simplify slightly by omitting calls to
> archive_read_data_skip() (it's never needed).
> Tim

Thanks, I'll do that
FYI I opened a git for that work :
I'll add what you advice me todo


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