[Heads up] TERM=xterm is now the default (on non-i386)

Andrey Chernov ache at nagual.pp.ru
Tue Dec 15 11:16:50 UTC 2009

On Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 06:33:22PM +0300, Vladimir Grebenschikov wrote:
> Hi 
> Any chance to get it fixed somehow ? 

It seems Ed does not read his email. I already try to submit this two 
bugs several times and ways and ask him for confirmation that my mails at 
least received, but got nothing.

I don't know any other channels to contact Ed. If anybody knows please 

> midnight commander does not work correctly even with no screen-maps,
> vidcontrol -T xterm, env TERM=xterm LANG=ru_RU.UTF-8
> also, console does not handle correctly multi-byte utf-8 characters
> (it should already or not ?) 
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> Subject: Re: [Heads up] TERM=xterm is now the default (on non-i386)
> Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 07:41:30 +0300
> On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 07:00:21AM +0100, Ed Schouten wrote:
> > Hi folks,
> > 
> > I just committed the previously mentioned patch to SVN. Please refer to
> > the last part of the commit message to see what you can do when you run
> > into trouble.
> It seems xterm emulator can't co-exist with screen maps, namely
> vidcontrol -l koi8-r2cp866
> I got Russian letters everywhere instead of vt100 pseudographics due to 
> missing (i.e. default) ac= termcap capability (f.e. in tzsetup etc.)
> There are 2 ways to fix it.
> 1) Make separate xterm-r with corrected ac= (that way is ugly).
> 2) Don't seek for vt100 pseudographics in loaded font at all, just use 
> internal kernel font.
> Please decide how to fix this better. For now only fallback to '-T cons25' 
> is solution for Russian users.
> -- 
> Vladimir B. Grebenschikov
> vova at fbsd.ru
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