AHCI/ATA_CAM for dummies?

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Mon Dec 14 05:49:33 UTC 2009

Thank you for your very informative reply. :)  I left a few things out
of my first post to try and keep it brief, so I'll add some more
details below.

You might seriously consider working something at this level up for
the wiki, perhaps working with mav as well. IMO this stuff is never
going to get wide testing if we don't make it a whole lot easier for
people to do so.

b. f. wrote:
>> 1. Add "options ATA_CAM" to my kernel config. AFAICS it's not
>> necessary to do anything special with ahci, that's included in ata_cam.
> If you have AHCI-capable hardware and compatible BIOS,

One thing I did not include in my previous post was that I actually
did try adding the ahci device to my kernel config, and didn't get any
hits. Per your other message tonight I tried again adding ahci and
siis and booting verbose, no joy. This is on a laptop so I'm not
really surprised, just disappointed. :)

> Again, see above.  You may not actually need ata(4).  Even if you do
> want it, you don't actually need all of ata(4); you can just add the
> portion you need:
> device atacore
> and the chipset-specific parts that correspond to your hardware.
> Usually, something like:
> atapci
> ataahci
> atanvidia

The only nvidia thing I have is my graphics card, so I'm assuming I
could get away with just the first two? Also, how much of an advantage
does stripping down the ata stuff give? Is it just a bit of kernel
memory? It's working atm so I'm sort of inclined to leave it alone. :)

Thanks again,



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