About new console driver and applications behavior

K.R. spambox at haruhiism.net
Sun Dec 13 18:21:38 UTC 2009

On 13.12.2009 18:31, Alex Keda wrote:
>> There was a discussion on svn-src-all a few days ago, and on another
>> mailing list a few months ago. See
>> http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/svn-src-all/2009-December/016715.html
>> for the most recent discussion, which contains links to the previous
>> one too.
> and so - patch for old behavior commited?
> or, need wait some years? =)

Why would one wait, when there's a working solution like 
http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/svn-src-head/2009-July/009102.html ?

(Myself, I like the default *xterm* behaviour; it keeps my xterm 
sessions clean.)

Kamigishi Rei

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