regression: port www/squid fails to build on ia64 head

Thomas-Martin Seck tmseck-lists at
Sun Dec 13 16:45:18 UTC 2009

* Johan Hendriks <Johan at>:

(Squid breakage in the YP/NIS helper)

> A long shot
> Could it be that you have set the following in your src.conf
> WITHOUT_NIS=    yes
> WITHOUT_RCS=    yes
> If i set those i get a similar error with squid (on i386 and amd64 )

This is possible; the Squid 2.7 port still relies on WITHOUT_NIS/NO_NIS
being set in make.conf. Due to the make.conf/src.conf split this does no
longer work. I have added an OPTION to turn off NIS support to the squid
3.x ports and will merge this change into the Squid 2.7 port along with
other changes soon. In the meantime you can work around this if you
build www/squid with "make -DWITHOUT_NIS" or by adding WITHOUT_NIS=yes
to /etc/make.conf.

The same applies to systems built/installed without Heimdal support.
Sorry for the breakage.

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