istgt-20091211 was committed to ports (net/istgt)

Daisuke Aoyama aoyama at
Sat Dec 12 11:11:40 UTC 2009

Hi, all

I released latest version of 0.2 branch.
It's now in the ports tree. You can get with portsnap or other method.
I also provide FreeNAS 0.7x updater. for more detail:

If you use QueueDepth for ESX, recommend depth is more than 32.
(below 20 except 0 is unsupported at this time)

If your network card looks very slow, then try following setting:
  MaxBurstLength 65536
  MaxRecvDataSegmentLength 4096

Major changes from 20090428(included in 8.0 release):
added tested/supported initiators WS2008 R2, ESXi 4.0, XenServer 5.5,
    Ubuntu 9.10, VirtualBOX 3.0.12, iSCSI Remote Boot 2.3.81,
    FreeBSD 7.2 + iscsi 2.2.3.
changed error messages for errno=54/60 to reset or timeout.
fixed StatSN/CmdSN error.
fixed crash bug(signal 11) after error has occurred.(include errno=54/60)
changed iSCSI diskless boot warnings.
fixed sense data bugs in DVD/tape type.
added REQUEST_SENSE(SCSIOP=0x03) in disk type.
added to support changer device(/dev/chX) in pass-through.
fixed CAM timeout/error handling issues in pass-through.

I hope this helps you.
Daisuke Aoyama

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