Root exploit for FreeBSD

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Fri Dec 11 11:43:21 UTC 2009

On Thu, 10 Dec 2009 15:41:41 +0100, Anton Shterenlikht  
<mexas at> wrote:

>> From my information security manager:
> 	FreeBSD isn't much used within the University (I understand) and has a
> 	(comparatively) poor security record. ......


almost all of you remark how FreeBSD is more-secure-than-others-OS, will  
add nothing to varius comments.

but i look in syslogs of some FreeBSD internet server and there is a great  
evidence that some "botnets" are (again) tryng simple combination of  

starting from Dec  8 01:00:34 (CET) hundreds of zombies are looking for a  
valid username.

it mean that most of the matter is our; the FreeBSD users.

we are the only ones that will (or will not) patch the systems;

i love the FreeBSD security while it is MOSTLY based on KNOWLEDGE of users  
than on a PERFECT code.



"If 386BSD had been available when I started on Linux, Linux would  
probably never had happened." Linus Torvalds

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