Installer partition size defaults

Justin Roush justin at
Fri Dec 11 00:48:11 UTC 2009

For years now the default partition sizes during install have remained 
pretty much the same.
While I normally change the partition sizes to my own specification I 
decided to use the auto defaults in the installer for a test machine I 
was putting together. (FreeBSD 8.0)

Once the system was installed I started a standard system update to 8.0 
Stable. Partway through a make installworld I ran out of room on / (root).

In the age of the terrabyte drive, would it not be prudent to increase 
the default partition size for at least / (root) in the installer in the 
8.x tree if not for the 7.x tree as well?

Also, is there any intention to add a more simplified and direct way to 
use zfs from the installer?

- Thanks,

- Justin

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