proxy arp and MPD in RELENG_8

Mario Pavlov freebsd at
Wed Dec 9 19:01:03 UTC 2009

some time ago I noticed that there's a problem with the new arp implementation - proxy arp was somehow not working when mpd is involved. I decided to try this out again assuming it was fixed for the release...unfortunately the problem is still there...
Here are the last few lines of the mpd output:

[B-1] IPCP: state change Ack-Rcvd --> Opened
[B-1] IPCP: LayerUp
[B-1] ->
[B-1] IFACE: Connecting tcpmssfix
[B-1] IFACE: Add address> to ng0
[B-1] exec: /usr/sbin/arp -S 0:e0:28:62:e:9 pub
[B-1] system: command "/usr/sbin/arp" returned 256
[B-1] IFACE: Up event
[B-1] IFACE: idle-timeout: 1800 seconds
[B-1] IFACE: Change interface flags: -0 +1

there this is mpd.conf:


        load pptp_server


        set ippool add pool1

        create bundle template B
        set iface enable proxy-arp
        log +iface2
        set iface idle 1800
        set iface enable tcpmssfix
        set ipcp yes vjcomp
        set ipcp ranges ippool pool1
        set ipcp dns
        set bundle enable compression
        set ccp yes mppc
        set mppc yes e40
        set mppc yes e128
        set mppc yes stateless

        create link template L pptp
        set link action bundle B
        set link enable multilink
        set link yes acfcomp protocomp
        set link no pap chap
        set link enable chap
        set link keep-alive 10 60
        set link mtu 1460
        set pptp self pub.ip.add.res
        set link enable incoming

this is probably the most common VPN setup and it was working fine with 7.2-STABLE but after I upgraded to 8-STABLE it broke up...
Is there a workaround or a plan to fix this? Or should I just go back to RELENG_7?

thank you.

P.S. this is discussed in the forums as well:

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