glabel and ISO 9660 (was: Re: Testing CAM wrapper for ata(4) controller drivers)

Garrett Wollman wollman at
Wed Dec 9 00:05:48 UTC 2009

In article
<permail-2009120823391580e26a0b00006d42-a_best01 at>,
alexbestms at writes:

>removing a cd/dvd and inserting a new one doesn't update the label in
>`file -s /dev/iso9660/CD1` says:
>/dev/iso9660/CD1: ISO 9660 CD-ROM filesystem data 'CD2

That's always been true.  glabel only notices a changed label on taste
events, and those only happen when the underlying provider is either
initialized for the first time, or closed after being open for write.

As root, you can force a retaste with
	: 3>/dev/acd0

(That's the ':' command, not punctuation.  Any command would do.)


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