On gjournal vs unexpected shutdown (-->fsck)

Andrew Reilly areilly at bigpond.net.au
Mon Dec 7 10:24:41 UTC 2009

Hi there,

I thought that I'd try a gjournal'd UFS on one of my spare
drives (so: dedicated to the task, formatted from clean, per the
instructions in the gjournal man page.)  The filesystem itself
seems to be working swimmingly, although it isn't heavily used.
In the time that I've had it running, though, I've had two power
outages that have resulted in unexpected shutdowns, and I was
surprised to find that the boot process did nothing unexpected:
file system not marked clean: fsck before you can mount.  So
both times I fsck'd the drive, and as near as I can tell this
took exactly as long as fsck on a regular UFS system of similar
size.  Isn't the journalling operation supposed to confer a
shortcut benefit here?  I know that the man page doesn't mention
recovery by journal play-back, but I thought that it didn't need
to: that's the whole point.  Is there a step that I'm missing?
Perhaps a gjournal-aware version of fsck that I should run
instead of regular fsck, that will quickly mark the file system

(Running -current as of last weekend, if that matters.)



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