FreeBSD 8.0 Performance (at Phoronix)

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Tue Dec 1 15:38:27 UTC 2009

On Tue, 01 Dec 2009 17:22:00 +0200
Alexander Motin <mav at> wrote:

> Alexander Motin wrote:
> > Threaded I/O activity could get much benefit from NCQ-aware disk driver.
> > It is not included in default FreeBSD kernel, but it would be nice to
> > compare.
> To check possible NCQ effect, I've built test setup with new 320GB
> 7200RPM Seagate drive connected to Intel ICH10R controller. I've run
> IMHO more reasonable benchmark/raidtest tool from ports on whole device,
> to execute pregenerated random mix of 10000 random-sized (512B - 128KB)
> read/write requests using default ata(4) driver and new ahci(4):
> Number of READ requests: 5029.
> Number of WRITE requests: 4971.
> Number of bytes to transmit: 655986688.
> Number of processes: 32.
> The results:
> ata(4) - no NCQ:
> Bytes per second: 12455402
> Requests per second: 189
> ahci(4) - with NCQ:
> Bytes per second: 19889778
> Requests per second: 303
> Results are repeatable up to the 4-th digit. Average time per request is
> 5.29ms and 3.3ms respectively, that seems realistic for this drive.


to make use of all this new stuff I need to run HEAD ? as former HEAD was born recently as 8.0R and the new stuff in it is big compared to 7.x, I'd like to use it from RELENG_8. is this possible ?

my hardware would be NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI motherboard and Seagate ES.2 disks.



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