vesa driver already for amd64!

Dmitriy Demidov dima_bsd at
Wed Aug 19 19:10:08 UTC 2009


I just want to make you know about one ongoing project of "porting" vesa 
driver from i386 into amd64 architecture. You can read more about it's status 
in English here:
Or in Russian here:

The author of this effort is one skilled programmer who is hiding behind the 
nickname "paradox"  (I'm not ilvolved in this project - so all glories and 
questions you should address to him, ok? :)

The ability to run vesa console driver in amd64 became a reality after porting 
of x86emu from OpenBSD performed by paradox. At this moment there already is 
ability to use vesa mode in early stages of FreeBSD booting process and to 
have hight screen resolutions at 32bit in console!!! Work is still in progress 
at this moment.

The is one question regarding of this project: do FreeBSD community and 
official commiters is interested in this feature? Is there any possibility to 
see this code commited in official FreeBSD tree?

Ed, can you please take a look on this code? I know about ongoing work in 
syscons. May be this solution will be good enought to be used right now, and 
may be it will help to speed up new graphical console development (on what 
you are working now)?

Best regards!

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